PVR Gift Card Offer

  • Offer: Apply for Kotak PVR Debit card within the offer period and spend within 45 days of card issuance.
  • Every month top 25 Kotak PVR Debit cardholders who had applied for the card and spent highest amount using the Kotak PVR Debit Card during the offer period will win a PVR movie voucher worth Rs.300 + small popcorn + small soft drink each. The offer will run for 3 months- July 2022, August 2022 and September 2022. The offer is applicable only to customers who applying for a fresh card during the offer period.
  • When will I receive a PVR movie voucher+ small popcorn + small soft drink?
  • The following criteria’s have to be fulfilled:
    A Kotak PVR Debit card is successfully issued, Debit Card Annual Fee of Rs. 499+ GST is recovered and you are among top 25 spenders within 45 days of card issuance. You will receive a PVR voucher code on SMS/ Email provided if you are one of the top 25 highest spenders in the month.

  • How can I redeem the voucher?
    The voucher can be redeemed for movie ticket upto Rs 300 on PVR website or App as per the process mentioned below. To get Small Popcorn and Small Cold Drink – customer has to redeem it at PVR cinema only and for that customer will have to show the voucher received by them to PVR staff at Cinemas.
  • Steps to redeem movie voucher:
    • Visit www.pvrcinemas.com or PVR App.
    • Login with Name/Mail ID & Phone Number.
    • Select the City.
    • Select Cinema/Movie/Show Time/ Day & Date.
    • Select the Seats.
    • Select the Food/Combos or Select Skip. (This voucher will be redeemable for Movie Tickets and F&B)
    • Select the "Payment Option".
    • Click on PVR exclusive.
    • Click on Promo code.
    • Enter the voucher code.
    • Click on Submit.
    • End user will have to pay the remaining amount (if any) using Kotak PVR debit Card.
  • For any Query/complaints, please contact PVR on 08800900009 or email at feedback@pvrcinemas.com
  • Terms and Conditions of the offer:
    1. The offer is solely sponsored by PVR.
    2. All customers who have applied for the Kotak PVR Debit Card till 30th September 22 will be eligible for the offer.
    3. Only top 25 highest spenders will receive a PVR voucher worth Rs 300+ small popcorn + small soft drink.
    4. PVR movie voucher is a single use voucher, any leftover value of the voucher will be forfeited.
    5. On application of voucher code, final payment amount will be reduced upto Rs 300.
    6. Kotak PVR Debit Card should be used as the payment mode to avail offer on PVR website or cinema.
    7. The vouchers will only be awarded to the customers who have paid Annual fee and are in top 25 highest spenders in the month.
    8. Customers applying for card from MB/ NB/ Branch/ SMS-Email Campaigns or any other channel, are all eligible.
    9. Voucher is available for one time use on PVR App/ Website/ and in Cinema.
    10. Tickets can be booked online and offline.
    11. Voucher has to be shown at PVR Cinemas to get small popcorn & small cold drink.
    12. Transactions on MCC- 6540, 6300, 6381, 6399, 4829, 6010, 6011, 6012, 7995- POI funding transactions, Insurance, money transfer, wallet load, mutual fund SIP will not be considered for calculating offer spends.
    13. Valid at all PVR cinemas except PVR Opulent, Ghaziabad.
    14. The Offer is non-transferable, non-encashable and non-negotiable
    15. The Offer cannot be clubbed with any other ongoing offer or voucher code or with any other promotion in a single order / transaction
    16. The Bank shall not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any deficiency or inadequacy in the services rendered by PVR, its agents or representatives and the Customer hereby understands, acknowledges and agrees not to hold the Bank responsible or liable for, any losses, damages, costs, charges, expenses, claims (whether direct or indirect), actions or demands suffered by the Customer in relation to availing the benefits under the Offer.
    17. Any person availing the offer shall be deemed to have read, understood & accepted the terms and conditions set by both Bank and PVR in connection with the Offer and the general terms and conditions of the Bank. Bank is in no way concerned or connected with the terms and conditions set by PVR.
    18. Participation in this Offer is voluntary.
    19. The Bank reserves the right to disqualify any Customer from the benefits of the Offer if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Offer.
    20. Bank reserves the right, at any time, without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, to add/alter/modify/change or vary all or any of these terms and conditions or to replace, wholly or in part this Offer by another offer whether similar to this Offer or not or to extend or withdraw this Offer altogether.
    21. The decision of the Bank in all matters in connection with and incidental to this Offer is final and shall be binding on all persons.
    22. Disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection with or as a result of above Offer or otherwise relating hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts / tribunals in Mumbai.
  • Kotak PVR Debit Cards General Terms and Conditions:

    • Enrolment (Profile creation) will be done within 15 working days from issuance of Debit Card which is subject to payment of card fees. On successful Enrolment, you will receive a sms from PVR.
    • To earn PVR rewards, transactions must be carried out through PVR BOX OFFICE/APP/WEBSITE only.
    • Customer needs to pay the Debit Card fees annually in order to get joining benefits and reward points.
    • Profile creation happens in PVR, basis unique mobile and unique email id. So, a customer can’t have same email for 2 mobile number or vice versa.
    • Customer will earn PVR Reward points only on usage of Kotak PVR Debit Card and not any other Kotak Debit Card.
    • Vouchers received can only be used via PVR BOX OFFICE, PVR APP OR WEB.
      All vouchers redeemable at PVR Cinemas are issued by PVR.
    • Customer will not receive PVR Reward points for some transactions like – payment of tax, fines, government services, service stations etc. For detailed list, please check FAQ section.
    • In case of mobile number change, customer needs to get it changed at Kotak Bank and not at PVR Cinemas. Bank will update the number to PVR accordingly.
    • PVR reward points will be valid for 1 year from date of issuance and vouchers will be valid for 90 days from date of issuance.
    • All reward points will be credited within 15 working days of transaction. Points will only be credited for spends done after enrolment to PVR Privilege Plus membership.
    • No reward points will be given on ATM cash withdrawals.
    • All the reward points earned can be redeemed only at PVR cinemas for movie tickets, food & beverages. Points can’t be exchanged for cash.
    • Upgraded PVR Privilege customer to PVR Privilege Plus program will not receive popcorn voucher from PVR.
    • 5 Enrolment Vouchers (EVs) for F&B worth Rs.100 each (Total EVs value equals Rs.500), will be issued by PVR at the time of joining. These vouchers can be redeemed at PVR App/ Website/ and in PVR outlets. Vouchers with unredeemed value cannot be re-used; for e.g., if Rs.70 is redeemed from a voucher worth Rs.100 for a purchase at PVR, the remaining amount, i.e. Rs.30 will not be redeemable and cannot be used further. Enrolment vouchers will be valid for 90 days from date of issuance.
    • Debit Card transaction done on the card and other PVR Programme related communication are sent to the registered e-mail and/or mobile no. of Sole/Primary account holder maintained with the Bank and it will be the responsibility of the customer/account holder to have a valid e-mail id & mobile number updated with the bank at all times, failing which, customer may not receive the transaction details on mail / SMS and Bank shall not be responsible for such failure on part of customer. Customers with mobile numbers / e-mail id registered for DNC / NDNC will not receive SMS confirmation from us unless a specific consent has been provided to the Bank.
    • In the event of non-receipt of reward points within the subsequent month from the last day of qualifying month, customers to contact their relationship manager/branch/customer service helpline within 50 days from the date of qualifying for the rewards. Any claims of non-receipt of the rewards beyond the stipulated period shall not be entertained.
    • The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising or resulting from delay in transmission delivery or non-delivery of electronic messages or any mistake, omission, or error in transmission or delivery thereof or in deciphering the message owing to any reason beyond the control of the Bank. PVR cinemas will on a best-effort basis send the transaction confirmation in the specified duration as above and shall not be responsible for any delay or non-receipt of the same due to any technical reason.
    • The Bank also reserves the right with / without notice to terminate or alter this offer and terms and conditions or modify existing process of redemption / introduce any additional process at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever. The decision of the Bank with respect to this Offer shall be final and binding. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Offer shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai.
    • The Bank also reserves the right with / without notice to extend or terminate the above offers or alter the terms and conditions or modify existing offer or introduce any additional process at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever. The decision of the Bank with respect to this Offer shall be final and binding.
    • Bank is having a co-branding arrangement with PVR Cinemas (PVR Ltd) for offering co-branded debit card (Kotak PVR Debit Card) to our customers. Under this arrangement, we are offering various facilities to the customers through our co-brand partner, PVR. Key offering under the co-branded program are as below:
      • Joining /Renewal Voucher: On availing the co-brand card and payment of card annual fee, customers earn the joining /renewal voucher which they can redeem at PVR locations for Food and Beverages.
      • Reward Points: On making the spends with co-brand card, customers earn PVR points which are then converted to PVR vouchers. These vouchers can be redeemed at PVR locations for movies as well as food and beverages. Customers earn 10% of spends value if spends are made at PVR locations or 0.5% of the spends if spends are made outside PVR.
      • PVR helps Bank to manage the loyalty program for this co-brand card. Under this, PVR manages the loyalty points accruals, voucher generations and redemptions.

      In order to administer the co-branded debit card program and offer the facilities to the customers, Bank has entered into a commercial arrangement with PVR. Under this arrangement, a part of the revenue Bank is generating through the co-branded program is shared with PVR.

    Kotak PVR Debit Cards FAQs:

    How can I apply for this card?
    If you are an existing Kotak Mahindra bank customer, you need to have a Savings or Salary account with us to apply for this card. You can apply by visiting Kotak Bank website<< Debit Cards<< PVR Debit Card<< Apply Now or Visit PVR App/ website to apply for the card. You can also visit nearest branch to apply Kotak PVR Debit Card.

    Can I open 811 account online and apply for PVR Card?
    Yes, New to bank customer can open 811 account online and apply for this card.

    When will I receive enrolment vouchers?
    You will receive 5 enrolment vouchers of Rs 100 each issued by PVR, within 15 working days from issuance of Debit Card subject to payment of card fees. You will receive a SMS from PVR Cinemas post enrolment which will carry the voucher code.

    Which transactions are eligible for earning reward points through this Debit Card? - All transactions done on POS and E-Commerce via Kotak PVR Debit Card are eligible for earning PVR reward points (with certain exceptions and capping*). You will earn PVR reward points for all transactions- i.e., be it bill payment, online shopping or POS transactions at merchant outlets, ticket booking etc.

    ATM transactions (cash withdrawal) will not be considered for PVR reward points.

    *Some other transactions which are not eligible for reward points are: Tax payments, Passenger Railways, Service Stations, Automated Fuel Dispensers, Direct Marketing, Insurance Services, Security Brokers / Dealers, Insurance Sales/Underwriting/ Premiums, Court Costs, Fines and Government Service, any Convenience fee, taxes on the convenience fee, or any Charity payments

    Once the transaction is completed, when will the PVR rewards points be credited? For all spends done on the Kotak PVR Debit Card, PVR rewards points will be credited within 15 working days. Points will be visible in the PVR Privilege plus Account on PVR Mobile App/ Website. Points will only be credited for spends done after enrolment to PVR Privilege Plus membership. Enrolment will be done within 15 working days from issuance of Debit Card which is subject to payment of card fees. On successful Enrolment, you will receive a sms from PVR.

    Where can I see the points and vouchers?
    All the points earned and vouchers can be seen in PVR app and Website. You will have to sign in to your PVR Privilege Plus Account to check the status of your points and vouchers.

    How can I use the earned PVR Reward points? Where can I use the vouchers which are generated after reaching 100 points?
    Once you reach 100 PVR Rewards Points, your points will get automatically converted to a voucher worth Rs 100 which will be valid for 90 days and can be redeemed at PVR website, mobile app and offline counters for Movie Tickets, Food & Beverages.

    All the points and vouchers can be redeemed on movie / F&B transactions at PVR cinemas only.

    How many vouchers can be used in a single transaction?
    You can use any number of vouchers (the ones generated after earned reward points get converted) in a single transaction.

    Is there any validity on PVR reward points and Vouchers earned?
    PVR Reward Points will have 365 days validity from the day of earning and vouchers will have a validity of 90 days once the same are generated.

    What will happen to PVR Rewards point earned for a transaction which later gets cancelled? Reward points will be rolled back for such transactions. In case a voucher has been already issued for such transactions, a negative balance will start reflecting in customers PVR account. You will have to transact and earn reward points so as to have a positive point balance.

    What are the charges on Kotak PVR Debit Card?
    This card will have an Annual charge of Rs. 499 + Taxes. Replacement charges for the card are Rs. 200 + Taxes.

    What will happen to points and vouchers of existing PVR Privilege customers who get upgraded to PVR Privilege Plus?
    All the points and vouchers will be upgraded to PVR Privilege Plus account if you are already a PVR privilege customer. In case, you are opening a new Savings Account with Kotak Bank, please ensure to provide the same mobile number to Kotak Bank while opening the account which is registered with PVR Privilege account. In case, a different mobile number is provided, a new profile will be created for the customer with PVR and existing points and vouchers will remain in the old profile. Merging of profile will not be allowed at a later date.

    Can an existing PVR Privilege Member take this card without opening Kotak Account? No, Kotak Savings account needs to be opened for taking this Debit Card. In case, you already hold a Savings Account with Kotak Bank, you can apply for this Debit Card basis your eligibility.

    I want to update mobile number for Privilege Plus Account. What process I need to follow?All such requests will be entertained at the Kotak Bank’s end. You will have to submit a request to Kotak Bank where it will be verified and updated with your bank account and then it will be updated for Privilege Plus Account. The same will be carried out in 10 working days. Once the same is changed in PVR system, you will be informed by PVR.

    What will happen to my points and vouchers in PVR Privilege Plus Account, in case of mobile number update?
    You need to update the mobile number with Kotak Mahindra Bank. Once the mobile number is updated with the bank and PVR, existing active points & voucher will be transferred to the new profile created with the new mobile number.

    What will happen when I use a different Kotak Debit Card instead of Kotak PVR Debit Card?In this case, you will not earn any PVR reward points as it will be considered a normal Debit Card transaction.

    Do I need to provide mobile number during every transaction which happens at PVR Cinemas?
    Yes, you need to give mobile number registered with PVR Privilege Plus Account in every transaction so that credit of points happens in that particular account of customer in PVR Cinemas. In case you give a different mobile number, points will be credited to the profile linked with that particular number and points will not be allowed to merge later.

    How will I be notified about credit of PVR reward points?

    You will receive PVR reward points in your PVR Privilege Plus account within 15 working days of carrying out the transactions. You will also receive SMS from PVR notifying the credit of points.

    Points will only be credited for spends done after enrolment to PVR Privilege Plus membership. Sign in to PVR App using registered mobile number to view your PVR points.

    What are the maximum points which I can earn?
    Currently, there is no capping on maximum points which you can earn over a period of a year.

    Can the earned points be used outside PVR? Where can the PVR Reward points be used?
    PVR points can be utilised only at PVR cinemas. Once the points get converted to voucher(s), those vouchers can be used at PVR Cinemas to purchase movies/F&B.

    I am unable to see my points or voucher post login to my account. What to do?
    Please connect with PVR customer care team for all points and vouchers related queries or complaints. Below are the contact details:
    8800900009 (local charges applied).

    I am unable to login to my PVR Privilege Plus Account. What to do?
    You can always click “Forgot Password” on PVR Web or Mobile and reset your Password with help of registered mobile number.

    I am unable to use my Debit Card. What to do?
    Please connect with Kotak Customer Care team with error details. Below are the contact details: 1860 266 2666 (local call rates apply)

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